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Online samples need to be short, that's why highlights and montages are so popular.
But don't judge by them alone, however good they are it won't necessarily mean that the full
length film will be to your liking. That's why I've also included a few example clips of preparations,
photo sessions and confetti time to demonstrate that good filming and editing is essential
throughout the film to maintain interest and continuity - just like in a movie.

Fun in a Field!

Proving that image really is a video picture as Sarah & Paul have fun in a field with photographer Mark Dalton at South Farm, Herts.

Highlight Endings

Every BW videofilm is complete with a highlights ending montage and everyone loves them. Most popular is slow motion black and white. See why with Jasmin and John's March wedding at beautiful Danesfield House.

Get the Kleenex ready!





Getting ready and greeting guests all in three minutes! Join Hannah & Josh at stunning Notley Abbey.






Confetti Time

I love filming in the churchyard as guests come out to join the couple. After the formality of the service everyone is relaxed and happy. It's a magical time full of hugs and kisses. My job is to capture all that naturally and unobtrusively, letting the action flow. See what you think as Victoria & Tom leave the parish church at Rushton.
Sarah & Richard of Capture It let the action flow too.

Photo Session

Join Nikki and Ed on a lovely autumn day for photos by the Long Walk and a stroll through historic Windsor on their way to the Harte & Garter Hotel





Highlights Remix

Sometimes it's good to do a remix just for fun. English Rose Danielle and Italian JonPaul's wedding at Wycombe Abbey was full of fun and I hope you'll agree that this remix conveys it as only video can.

Photography by Mark Lord




Perfect Pictures

Another remix, this time of a photo session with Elizabeth & Eric at Phyllis Court, Henley-on-Thames. Look out for their gorgeous little daughter Amelia. I love the catchy, feel-good tune and thought it matched the images - perfectly!




Old Movie Montage

Becky and Tom's theme was "Hollywood Vintage Glamour". Kilts and bagpipes made this a challenge but I like to think that Becky's glamorous dress and some carefully chosen video filters helped achieve the theme.

The venue is Great Fosters, Egham.



It's Singalong Time

You'll see in this remix that Leigh & Alan and their friends really know how to enjoy themselves. I'll let you work out where they met, the clue is in the song. Come on, join in, you must know the words!

Filmed at Buxted Park with great photography by Peter Prior.



A Photo Walk in the Gardens at Chartridge Lodge

Hollie & Colin knew that we only had few minutes to take photos in these fabulous gardens before the rains came. Radiant Hollie wasn't going to worry about a few drops of rain on her dress and we still managed to capture some great images before the deluge.

Filmed at Chartridge Lodge with superb photography by Mark Sisley.



All images and video © BW Videofilms MMXIVIII