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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we have two cameramen?
Not unless it's a very large wedding or you want to turn your wedding into a film set! Where local conditions allow I do set up second fixed cameras for the ceremony and speeches. For the rest of the day it shouldn't be necessary, as by constantly changing camera angles I can create the illusion of two cameras.

Do you use lights ?
I keep the use of video lights to an absolute minimum as I'm aware how unpleasant it can be for guests. My cameras are pretty good in low light but some dark winter weddings and especially during the evening dancing it's usually necessary and I find people accept it along with the disco lights.

How do you get good audio of the vows and speeches?
By using a separate wired or wireless microphone off the camera located as near as possible to the subject. For the vows I do have a lapel microphone which the groom can wear for best audio, however I have found this likely to freak out an already nervous victim so won't try it unless you volunteer!

How do you get on with the photographer?
If I don't know them I try and calm their fears by introducing myself and saying I'll make every effort to keep out of their shots. We usually end up having a good time and a good natter during the meal. Some of my best friends are photographers!

Can we choose our own music?
Yes you can choose your own, give me a general idea of your tastes or leave it entirely up to me. Any tracks you aren't so keen on can easily be changed anyway when you review the first DVD.

What about copyright?
Copyright licences to cover filming in church, receptions and for dubbing are included.

Do we get to choose what to include or leave out?
It's impractical for you to sit with me through the whole edit which takes several days. But you can review the first DVD copy. I hope it's 100% how you want it and it usually is but if there are any bugs or errors I will correct them of course and incorporate other subjective changes - within reason!

How long will the film be?
Depends mainly on how long the service and speeches are, the number of guests and of course the coverage you choose. So it could be 45mins or 245mins with an average of 90mins. If you haven't seen a BW Videofilm it may sound a long time but I guarantee the time will fly when you watch it and you won't want to cut out anything! Rather than promise a duration in advance I just promise to make it the right length for your wedding. I can always re-edit a short version if you wish but surprisingly few people take up the option.

What happens to all the film that isn't included and can we see it?
I don't keep the camera running non-stop so if nothing is happening worth filming then I don't film it. If it turns out not to be a good shot, someone blows their nose etc I don't include it. If you really want to see the dud bits I didn't include you can but it's nothing exciting.

Can we make our own copies from your DVD?
Unauthorised copying is illegal and will infringe copyright restrictions. That's why I apply copy protection software to make it very difficult to copy my DVDs. Besides, my DVDs are all top quality, nicely packaged and reasonably priced considering the work that goes into them. So having chosen BW Videofilms I'm sure you won't want to accept second best for the end product.

What about High Definition?
All BW Videofilms filming and editing is in high definition (HD). This means that even your standard DVD will be better quality, you can have images from the video as described below and you will have the option of purchasing Blu-ray versions. Then providing that you have an HD ready TV and a suitable player you'll enjoy watching the best day of your lives in the brilliant detail and colour of high definition.

What is Blu-ray?
Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the name of an optical disc format that offers more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs. This allows up to 2 hours of the original camera HD quality to be realised. In theory there is five times more detail and colours are certainly more natural and vibrant. As with audio Hi-Fi I acknowledge that not everyone is bothered by or even notices such wonders. Me, I'm a big fan but you have to make up your own mind. I can demonstrate Blu-ray or you can see it at any decent TV showroom.

Please order your Blu-ray disc(s) at the same time as your standard DVD copies to avoid a charge for reloading all the video files to the computer. Then you are future proofed. You may not have a Blu-ray player yet but they are coming down in price. They will play your existing standard DVDs but of course a Blu-ray disc will not play in your old DVD player.

Can we have prints of any images we like?
Still images from standard (DV) video are low resolution compared to photographs and are only suitable for small prints. However with high definition filming you can choose images of decent quality (around 2 megapixels), certainly good enough for medium size prints. I supply the images on a CD so you can use them however you want and experiment with printing various sizes.

Please note that this is not intended to cover images that would be available from the official photographer but there may just be some priceless images that nobody else has captured.

How soon after the wedding will the DVD be ready?
In special cases it can be done within a week, otherwise it's 2-3 weeks and up to 6-7 weeks in the high season i.e. July to September.

Will the DVD work in America?
It should work on a computer but to see it on TV the DVD must be in NTSC format. There is a one off charge to make an NTSC template for use with any copies you may need.

I want coverage at the house getting ready so won't you miss the guests arriving?
No, we just need to agree a timetable so that I leave the house in time to reach the church/venue with at least 45mins to spare, giving me time to set up and be ready for the guests 30mins before the service.

Do you need feeding at the wedding?
Well it's always a long day particularly when I am filming into the evening. During the wedding meal I usually collapse in a heap with the photographer and need a hot meal to revive me. I don't mind buying my own bar meal but many venues don't have the facilities so if you don't organise food for me while the guests eat I am at the mercy of the caterers. I work best on a full tummy anyway.

Why should I have a professional video and why should I choose BW?
There are so many reasons that I've created a separate list, see WHY